About Us

About Us

Kathy Etienne

We have been involved with advertising for over 50 years of combined experience and we still get the most satisfaction from hearing from a client that we have helped their business grow.

With the 2020 pandemic, we knew we could do even better for our clients. We knew the piece needed to be upscale and of premium quality but at a price that any advertiser could afford. The Money Mailer Trending Now booklet is a piece that any advertiser will be proud to share their message.

With the support of Money Mailer, we now can service our local clients in Orange County with the premium booklet as well as offer the iconic Money Mailer envelope outside of our local market. The Money Mailer phone app and new updated website are also features we are proud to include in our marketing campaigns. Instagram and Facebook inclusion are also platforms in which we showcase ads.

We reside in San Clemente, CA. Our life is made complete with our two daughters and their families. We look forward to helping you grow your business!